Technology Hiring Strategies: Specialist Versus Generalist

Technology Hiring Strategies COVER

Who Is Doing The Bulk Of The Work In Your Organization?

by Jeff Hamilton and Andrew P. Simon

Technology hiring strategies tend to favor the candidate who possesses an alphabet-soup of degrees, programming languages, and software.

However, in many cases, the applicant who has a wider range of work experience, or additional ‘soft skills’ not listed in the job description, can often be a better choice.

In addition, the ‘generalist’, rather than the specialist, can often bring valuable knowledge and expertise into the company hiring them.

Whether a candidate’s motivation to interview is mostly for the paycheck, or for a more compelling reason, is another vastly underrated evaluation criterion in the selection process.

Understanding a candidate’s behavior and motivation is an excellent predictor of suitability for a job or career position, and their likelihood to not only make significant contributions, but also be loyal to the company and team.

In this report, the authors describe in detail how this assessment can be done, to ensure that companies in a position to hire even in these difficult economic times can be certain that they are really getting the best value for their time and money.

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Jeff Hamilton was born in New York City to an academic family. After completing his BS from the State University of New York, he immediately entered the workforce in the research and technology fields.

After a number of years managing computer-driven research for academia, he switched careers to managing information technology systems for large, multi-national for-profit corporations. He worked his way through his MBA and advanced up the corporate ladder to work and consult at the largest financial firms in New York City.

He now runs his own consulting firm, Technology Leadership LLC, with several like-minded colleagues. The Technology Leadership blog covers topics on how to get the most from current technology, to emerging technologies, to new leadership initiatives, and staying ahead of the curve in these precarious economic times. You can visit it and subscribe to the free newsletter at:

Andrew P. Simon has worked in the technology departments of some of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Dow Jones, the New York Stock Exchange, and NYSE Euronext. He is an avid follower of new and emerging mobile devices and is now perfecting the art of developing Android applications for his clients.

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