Using Webinars to Build Your Email Marketing List

Are you dreaming of building a responsive, profitable list? Are you looking for another way to connect with your target audience while establishing your expertise in your niche? Do you want to give your potential customers a way to learn about you and your products or services in real time, on an interactive platform?

Webinars could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

We all know the many benefits of content marketing. You probably have a blog or a website; you might engage in article marketing; and you likely have Twitter and Facebook accounts.

These are all great ways to provide value to your potential customers, but as valuable they are as marketing tools, they often lack the ability to truly engage an audience. Admit it: when is the last time you gave your undivided attention to reading a blog post? Let alone took action on it, such as commenting or buying the recommended product or service? If your honest answer is rarely, or not at all, then you might gain some insight into why your target audience is not converting as well as you had hoped.

But with a webinar, not only do you enjoy the benefits of interacting with your audience, you can also cover complicated topics without worrying about your listeners becoming lost along the way. In addition, you can tailor your presentation to meet the exact needs of both you the presenter and your target audience.

There are dozens of formats a webinar can take, and you’ll find a platform to meet every need, from a simple slideshow with voice=over to a week-long, multi-speaker online conference. The latter sounds exciting, but it is best to start small and work your way up rather than overwhelm yourself out of the starting gate.

The beauty of webinars is that they can be used for almost any business model, and for any business no matter how small. Even if you are not tech-savvy, there is a webinar service for you.

Maybe you’ve considered hosting a webinar in the past but pushed the idea aside because you were worried it would be too thinking it was too complicated to set up. You might also have thought that you did not have the time or enough material to organize a really good webinar. Or you might have been worried that it would take a lot of time to market the webinar, and that it would be a disaster if you put in all that hard work and no one came in the end.

The truth is that putting together a good webinar is easier than you think, any attendees are better than none, PLUS, hosting a webinar can help you build your email list for a particular product or service you offer. In addition, your recorded webinar/s can become the basis for all new information products you can sell.

A webinar can also be an ideal way to launch an all-new product or service in your business. Introduce the item and offer an insider price and you will see success right out of the starting gate in the form of sales and sign ups. An email list can be worth a significant amount of money due to the fact that email readers are still highly responsive, despite the fact that many people think email to be ‘old-fashioned’ compared to social media.

But the truth is that 2 out of every 5 minutes on a mobile device is spent checking email, and recent studies have shown that people who receive an email about a product are not only more likely to buy, they also tend to spend more when they do.

Whether your business provides goods and services to other businesses or direct to consumers, whether you deal in digital goods or physical, a retailer or a service provider, or even an online educator and author, webinars will work for your business once you learn how to leverage this powerful marketing tool to grow your online presence and enhance your aura of expertise.

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