What does your online profile say about your business?

HowtoRaiseFORCOVERHave you Googled yourself lately? What do you see? If the items coming up at the top of the pages of the largest search engine in the world are not that impressive, or not even you at all, but another company, it is time to roll up your sleeves to improve your online presence. Do not let snarky reviews or confusion over companies make you miss out on connecting with customers.
Today’s spotlight title

How to Raise Your Professional Profile Online: Strategies to Build Brand Awareness for Your Small Business http://tinyurl.com/RaiseProfProfileOnline

 can help you rescue your reputation and fill Google with listings that will impress, not interfere with, your connections with prospective customers. It is free today, or any time with your Kindle Unlimited membership.
Here’s to making this year your most successful yet!