Why We Crave Chocolate Part 1

Have you ever heard someone say that they just have to have chocolate at certain times? Maybe they are stressed or wanting something sweet. The first food they reach for is made of chocolate. There is a reason and a good one (besides loving it intensely).


In recent years, chocolate has been studied as more than just a satisfying dessert fare. Researchers have found that chocolate also has health benefits. Eating dark chocolate can help reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.


You don’t need much. About an ounce of chocolate a day will help you receive these benefits without packing on the pounds. And, this is best accomplished with dark chocolate. It contains the highest percentage of cocoa. This is where the benefits derive – the cocoa bean.


The cocoa bean contains antioxidants. The specific one is a flavonoid called flavonol. As we know, antioxidants do wonders for the body. They combat the signs of aging on the inside so we look and live better on the outside.