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newwordpresscoverWordPress is the world’s #1 blogging platform for a reason. Its ease of use allows even someone with limited computer skills to design a great-looking blog or website in a matter of minutes, and publishing content online in only a couple of days.

But the very fact that it is so easy can be a mixed blessing for beginners, who might have really interesting content, but not be aware of all of the elements that go into creating a successful money-making blog. Most newbie bloggers publish for a week or two, don’t get any traffic and barely any money, and give up.

Don’t let your blog go the way of so many others, to the elephant graveyard of abandoned blogs. Instead, learn how to use some of the most handy plugins that professional bloggers and experienced WordPress users rely on to help them run a quality blog that earns profits.

The right plugins can transform WordPress from a powerful content management system into a complete business solution, integrating your content and your marketing opportunities in order to help drive traffic to your site and make money from it, while at the same time maintaining security for your valuable content.

Today’s spotlight title is an illustrated guide designed for beginners to WordPress and blogging, to give you an overview of 15 of the top WordPress plugins so easy even newbies can use, but so effective, they can help them blog like a pro and not waste time, money and effort.

15 Top WordPress Plugins for Professional Bloggers


If you are have been thinking about starting a blog, grab this title now. If you have begun a blog with WordPress, start adding these great plugins one by one to see what a difference they can make to your site. If you have been blogging with WordPress for some time, use the guide as a checklist to be sure you are not missing out on any of these handy plugins.

Blogging is fun and even addictive. When done correctly, it can even be profitable and turn into a real business. Just look at the Huffington Post and you will see the power and potential of a great blog.


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Joan Mullally has been doing business online for nearly twenty years and is a pioneer in the fields of online publishing, marketing, and ecommerce. She is the author of more than forty guides designed to help readers make the most of the opportunities the Internet offers for running a successful business. A student and later teacher trainee of Frank McCourt’s, she has always appreciated the power of the word, and has used her knowledge for successful SEO and PPC campaigns, and powerful marketing copy. One computer science class at NYU was enough to spark her fascination with all things digital. In her spare time, she works with adult literacy, animal fostering and rescue, and teaching computer skills to women.