What is a Blog? 2

< ![endif]–>A blog entry is called a post (though there are static pages too just like a regular website) and consists of five basic components: The Title: The main headline of the blog post. The Body: The main content of the blog post, which can consist of text and/or photos and video. Permalink: This is

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What is a Blog? 1

< ![endif]–>Blog is a shortened term for “weblog.” Either term refers to a website where entries are made similar to a journal or diary. The entries are presented in reverse chronological order, with the newest entry on top. Although blogs were originally used like a personal journal on everyday events, they have evolved into a

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What are Bloggers?

< ![endif]–>What are Bloggers? Bloggers is the blanket term for anyone that uses a blog (weblog) to publish information on topics that are of interest to them. Becoming a blogger is actually simpler than it might seem. As blogging has grown in popularity, many website offer platforms to quickly and easily create a blog for

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What is a Banner exchange?

A group of web sites that display each other’s ad banners in exchange for credits. The more impressions or times you banner is displayed, the more credits you receive. The credits are converted into ad spaces for you to display your ad banner on participating websites. This can be an effective way to drive traffic

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What is a banner ad?

A banner ad is an online ad on a web page that links to another website or landing page. Banner ads were one of the first methods of advertising on the web. They have different costs depending on how much traffic and page views the website gets, and can cost from hundreds to thousands to

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The Basics Section

In the basics section, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about SEO, and about computers and the internet by newcomers to this wonderful technology.