What is a Blog? 2

< ![endif]–>A blog entry is called a post (though there are static pages too just like a regular website) and consists of five basic components: The Title: The main headline of the blog post. The Body: The main content of the blog post, which can consist of text and/or photos and video. Permalink: This is

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What is a Blog? 1

< ![endif]–>Blog is a shortened term for “weblog.” Either term refers to a website where entries are made similar to a journal or diary. The entries are presented in reverse chronological order, with the newest entry on top. Although blogs were originally used like a personal journal on everyday events, they have evolved into a

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What are Bloggers?

< ![endif]–>What are Bloggers? Bloggers is the blanket term for anyone that uses a blog (weblog) to publish information on topics that are of interest to them. Becoming a blogger is actually simpler than it might seem. As blogging has grown in popularity, many website offer platforms to quickly and easily create a blog for

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