Easy Low Carb Thanksgiving Recipes

Easy Low Carb Thanksgiving Recipes

LowCarbThanksgivingCover2015Easy Low Carb Thanksgiving Recipes

If you are dreading Thanksgiving for fear of packing on the pounds, this guide is designed with you in mind, to help you cut carbs and calories in order to enjoy entertaining without worrying about widening your waistline.

Low carb is a very popular eating lifestyle, but it can be tricky at the holidays with so many temptations all around you. It can also be tough if you are the only one in your household trying to eat low carb. You are busy enough as it is without having to make separate meals for everyone all the time.

In this guide, you will discover 30 recipes for mix and match low carb ideas for every course, from soups and appetizers, to sides and desserts, to help you plan a full low carb meal that your family and friends will love. Use one or two dishes to make sure that you have something low carb to eat at the family dinner or if you go visit others. Bring these great dishes along any time you take part in a community gathering such as a work or church potluck.

Or, plan an entire meal of low carb delights and impress your family even as you help them all watch their weight this holiday season. These recipes are so delicious and even luxurious, we won’t tell anyone they are low carb if you don’t!

From a full turkey dinner with all the fixings, to appetizers and luscious drinks and desserts, low carb has never been so easy or tasted so great.

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What’s in this Guide
Chapter 1: What is a Low Carb Diet?
Chapter 2: The Pros and Cons of a Low Carb Diet
Chapter 3: Low Carb Menu Planning for the Holidays
Nutritional Note
Chapter 4: Low-Carb Soups
Chapter 5: Low Carb Appetizers
Chapter 6: Low Carb Side Dishes
Chapter 7: Low Carb Main Courses
Chapter 8: Low Carb Desserts
Chapter 9: Low Carb Beverages
Chapter 10: Low Carb Leftover Magic
Chapter 11: Low Carb Savory Snacks for the Family
Shopping List
Appendix 1: Party Planner
Index of the 30 Recipes in this Guide

Buy now or Read More with Kindle Unlimited: Low Carb Thanksgiving Recipes Made Easy

Mara Michaels is the author of more than 40 recipe and holiday entertaining guides. Kathleen is a food and recipe blogger and has followed a low carb diet for many years.

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