Free Book Friday for your health: Body Weight Blitz

Free Book Friday for your health: Body Weight Blitz

bodyweightblitzOne of the worst things about breaking my ankle last November is how much sitting I have had to do with my foot up. As you can imagine, becoming so sedentary has meant I’ve picked up a few pounds. Now that the doctor and physio have given me the 80% healed and all clear to start getting back to normal speech, it is time for me to start slimming down.

But I have to confess, I hate gyms, and the swimming pool is too much hassle and travel time, plus lots of stairs as I commute, for me to do it every day. Luckily, there is body weight training, which requires no special equipment and which I can do almost anywhere, at home, the office, even on a train platform if I want. Today’s free book Body Weight Blitz gives you over 30 pages of how tos so you can develop your own workouts to develop strong, lean muscle.

With body weight training, you are using the weight of your own body to tone and trim. Those of us who have been doing yoga for years know it is not about turning yourself into a pretzel, but about using your body weight to build muscle.

The free guide on Body Weight Blitz from our friend Stephen Hall’s site offers a range of exercises to target your trouble spots, abs, glues and more. I kind of wished it had some pictures of the wrestler’s back and neck bridges, but a quick search online showed me all I needed to know  Bridges  They are not all that different from wheel pose in yoga, and of course, full wheel pose is one of the toughest poses you can manage. In the process you will definitely end up doing wrestler bridges as you work your way up to the full wheel.

One of the best things for me about Body Weight Blitz is the inspiring tone and the nice workout calendar it outlines for you. There aren’t endless repetitions or hours of grunting and sweating.  Focus on form and holding the postures, not banging out as many as you can in 30 seconds, and you will soon start to see a serious difference in your physique.  Best of all, I don’t need to buy or use a lot of equipment or roll around on a ball like a furry feline.  All I need is a bit of floor space and some concentration.

I’m on day three now and already feeling the difference in my legs and abs, so grab your free download of Body Weight Blitz and see what body weight training can do for your health and fitness.

Free Book Friday for your health: Body Weight Blitz
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Free Book Friday for your health: Body Weight Blitz
Discover how to use your own body to get more fit and trim, with leaner, stronger muscles, in the free download Body Weight Blitz.