How to Be Happy in Your Life and Work

How to Be Happy in Your Life and Work

While the ability to achieve happiness and fulfillment may seem elusive, the truth is it’s quite possible to find both. Here are five ways to achieve happiness and fulfillment in your life and work.

1-Know what you want from life, and write it down

What do you truly want? Visualize yourself feeling happy and fulfilled. What do you see? Are you sitting on a beach? Is your debt gone? Are you painting? Swimming in the ocean? Playing with your children on vacation?

Your mind is the creator of all. Write down what will make you feel happy and fulfilled – consider it your life vision statement. Post it in a place where you have access to it and can refer back to it often.

From this vision statement, create small steps to make your vision a reality. For example, if you find fulfillment from being with your friends, then what can you do to make that a reality?

2 – Be grateful for what you have

Gratitude is a powerful emotion. It reminds you of how important the small things really are. Each breath you take, ray of sunshine, plate of food and roof over your head is something to be grateful for. Don’t take these things for granted, because there are plenty of people who don’t have them.

To help your ‘attitude of gratitude’, why not keep a journal and write down what you’re grateful for each day. Another nice practice is to wake in the morning and think about what you have to look forward to. The end the day thinking about or journaling about what you were especially grateful for that day.

3 – Help others and volunteer when you can

We’re not saying you have to donate your life savings or volunteer 40 hours a week. The truth is that small acts of kindness boost your mood incredibly. They have the effect of improving the lives of others. Small things, like holding a door for someone in need, saying “thank you” and generally being kind to everyone you meet can transform your life for the better.

4 – Understand that you have the power

You’re ultimately responsible for everything you think and do. While that may seem depressing at first, when you consider the unfortunate decisions you’ve made in the past, (and we’ve all made decisions we wished we could take back), the truth is that this is an amazing power. You can choose to learn from mistakes, take advantage of opportunities, look on the bright side and control your life, for a better and brighter future. There’s no need to dwell on past mistakes, just future smart decisions.

5 – What is your purpose in life?

Is your purpose to help others, to learn, to lead, to unite? We all have a direction we want to take our lives in. Finding your purpose on the planet (POP) can make you POP out of bed in the morning, eager for a new day. It may not be easy to find your POP, however, it can be a fun process in and of itself.

For example, if you love learning new thingsm then your ultimate purpose in life might be to learn. Regardless of what your work and lifestyle are, you can make time to embrace your purpose. Read books, take online courses, enroll in college courses, participate in community education. Follow your POP and it will motivate you.

Bottom Line

You deserve to feel happy and fulfilled, whatever that means to you. Take the time to celebrate who you are and all that you have in your life. Understand what makes you ultimately feel happy and fulfilled and create strategies to make it happen.

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How to Be Happy in Your Life and Work
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How to Be Happy in Your Life and Work
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