No War-Sign the Petition

No War-Sign the Petition

Worried about the current path we are on with respect to North Korea? Make your voice heard. Say NO to war.

August 18, 2017-tRump claims a ‘win’ by getting China to sort out things and N Korea to decide not to attack Guam ‘at this time.’ But we have to be vigilant, because his bullying could lead us to the brink again.

August 14, 2017-Since issuing his first ‘fire and fury’ threat, Donald Trump has continued to double and triple down on his threats.

He has told Guam tourism will boom as a result of them being in the news. How sick is that.

He has been pressing McMasters and others to boost troops in Afghanistan, due to a recent mineral survey that estimates there is $1 trillion in mineral wealth in the country Trump is now eager to exploit.

He has also thrown down with Venezula and threatened war against them, for what reason? “Fradulent elections” in the country. The very thing Trump is now being investigated by Robert Mueller for in relation to collusion with Russia.

This HAS TO STOP. War is the LAST resort, not the first, and bullying and saber-rattling, with bad miscalculations, was what triggered WWI. We don’t want history to repeat itself.

Action steps:
1-Sign and share the petition.
2-Text RESIST to 50409 and contact your congresspeople.
3-When you have sent your message, text letter2editor and they will turn your last message into a letter to a local paper.
4-Use the hashtag #HR669, which refers to tRump not being given any nuclear weapons capabilities.