Stop Smoking Successfully

Stop Smoking Successfully

StopSmokingStopping smoking is one of the greatest struggles any person can ever undertake. In part, this is due to the nicotine in cigarettes being so addictive. However, there are also a whole host of emotional and psychological issues surrounding smoking which need to be taken into account if a person is ever to stop smoking successfully.

Good preparation before ever trying to quit has been shown to be one of the best ways to stop smoking successfully. In this book, with its accompanying workbook, you will learn about why smoking is so addictive, and how to trace your cigarette smoking patterns.

You will discover the main reasons why you personally smoke, and the best steps to take to stop smoking in light of those reasons. As you progress through the course, you will learn how to cope with cravings, and the best strategies to stop yourself from lighting up even when you feel the most urgent cravings for a cigarette.

Stop Smoking Successfully also deals with why it is so hard for women to quit smoking, and ways to quit smoking without gaining weight. In addition, it discusses how to cope with the resistance you might meet from family and friends who smoke as you transform yourself into a successful non-smoker.

Packed full of information, quizzes, worksheets and guidance, Stop Smoking Successfully offers you a step by step support system and program to help get you away from cigarettes and back on the road to good health.

Word Count=12,500

PLUS a 17-page Workbook to download from a special support website.

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How Much Do You Know About Smoking Quiz and Results
Fighting the Powerful Urge to Smoke
Stop Smoking Successfully
Success Strategies to Stop Smoking
Assessment of Your Answers to ‘The Reasons I Smoke’ Quiz
Why Nicotine is So Highly Addictive
Know Your Cigarette Smoking Patterns
Dealing with Cravings
Getting More Energy Even Without Cigarettes
Relaxation without Cigarettes
Dealing with Your Intense Emotions without a Cigarette
Dealing with Your Psychological Dependence upon Cigarettes
Dealing with Your Chemical Dependency on Nicotine
Symptoms and Health Issues When You Quit Smoking
Keep Yourself Busy to Combat Boredom
Is It Your Time to Quit?
The Challenge of Living Smoke-Free
How to Avoid Smoking When You Get the Urge to Light Up
The First Week of Stop Smoking Success
The Second Week of Stop Smoking Success
A Final Word of Encouragement
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The authors are both editors and frequent contributors at the popular women’s website,, offering practical advice on healthy living and disease prevention for the whole family. Evelyn has successfully quit smoking after being a three-pack-a- day smoker for years.

Buy Now or Read More with Kindle Unlimited: Stop Smoking Successfully (Health Matters)

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