What is a Joint Venture Partnership?

Discover what a Joint Venture Partnership is and how it can help you grow your business and increase your profits.

Investment and Financing Strategies: Angel Investors – Basics for Beginners

Due to the unprecedented collapse of financial institutions in the autumn of 2008, investors and those seeking funding are eagerly turning to ‘angel’ investing as an important and viable option. The author gives readers the inside scoop on the perils and profits for both angel investors and angel borrowers alike.

Secrets of successful local marketing ecourse

Our talented authors here at Eternal Spiral Books have just put together a great new ecourse on how to get started as a local marketer, helping businesses raise their profile so they can get more […]

How to Create Wealth to Grow Your Business

++Discover top ways to creating wealth through strategic planning and taking action using ith the right tactics in order to achieve your goals, starting TODAY!++ If you want to raise money quickly to start your […]

Why Every Small Business Should Have a Professional Accountant

If you are like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, you probably try to manage most tasks yourself. Maybe you outsource the big jobs like copywriting or graphic design, but you handle all of the […]

Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

Small businesses cannot afford to market themselves the way big businesses do. Rather than brand advertising, which takes a long time, small business advertising needs to bring in profits fast. Here are a few advertising […]

Building Your B2B Blog Strategy

Before you start your business-to-business blog, it really helps to come up with a rock solid strategy. This strategy will help guide you through the coming months as you build your blog from a newcomer […]

Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become more than a quiet catch phrase. Many business owners are realizing the amazing benefits it offers. You’re able to give back to the community and also grow your business. […]

The Marketing Matters Series

The Marketing Matters series is designed to help small business owners market their business effectively even with only limited resources.