Success Strategies for Marketing Your Online Business Offline


by Joan Mullally and Evelyn Trimborn

Joan Mullally is a top Internet marketer and publisher whose commonsense solutions help small businesses establish a presence on the internet successfully. Evelyn Trimborn is a freelance journalist on a wide variety of how-to subjects and is a popular contributor to blogs on small business and Internet marketing topics.

Online marketing has offered a countless number of opportunities for people wishing to earn money online, from the lone entrepreneur to Fortune 500 companies. However, the early days of Internet marketing, when you could capture anyone’s attention by being unique or quirky, has given way to increasingly sophisticated methods of marketing online.

Now that there is more competition among online marketers than ever, how can you get your brand’s corporate message seen and heard? The surprising answer is to go offline. The authors outline the main reasons you should add offline advertising and promotion to your marketing mix, and how to get started. They also detail eight successful strategies for the offline marketing of your online business.

In addition, Success Strategies for Marketing Your Online Business Offline offers appendices on how and why to outsource, with 13 tips on how to make the most of your outsourcing. It also includes information on how to set up your own affiliate program, and to create an army of commissioned salespeople equipped with the essential tools they need to begin marketing your business effectively offline and online.

In this special guide, action steps take you through each key activity, and the authors also provide two downloadable files which can be printed, containing checklists and worksheets to help you get started using these success strategies to marketing your business offline.

If you are looking for great ways to drive more traffic to your website, these offline techniques can help you identify and target the right prospects, for a whole new stream of traffic and potential revenue.

48 8.5 X 11″ pages, 18,247 words

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