Make Your Website a 24-Hour Sales Engine

Unlike the traditional business model, an online business gives you 24-hour presence which anyone from around the world can access. This is an exciting and fantastic opportunity for business owners who know how to make […]

How to Build Quality Website Backlinks

The quality of your website backlinks is one of the most important factors to ranking in search engines. Search engines look at links as endorsements. If one website links to you, that’s essentially a “vote” […]

How to Monetize B2B Blogs

Making money from a business-to-business blog is different than making money from a consumer blog. A B2B blog generally means you’ll have somewhat less traffic than a more generic blog, but each visitor can potentially […]

Tips to Speed Up Your Writing Time 2

Tips to Speed Up Your Writing Time 2 gives you more top tips on how to write more quickly, for greater efficiency and profits.

How to Repurpose Your Content

Recycling, reusing and repurposing  your content makes good business sense. It’s a good way to squeeze out as much value as possible from your current content. And repurposing also helps your customers by providing fantastic […]

Simple rules to start you up on the Internet Part 2

Don’t use too many text colors As with the background and design of a site, text color should be kept simple. At most use three colors within your site, preferably two – one for the […]