Help for mom in the kitchen today

Make and Freeze Recipes-Eternal Spiral Books

Continuing with our series of free mom-centric titles to help make your lives easier, your Mother’s Day gift today is: Make and Freeze Recipes: Great Foods You Can Cook, Freeze, and Use Quickly and Easily […]

25 Healthy Shakes, Smoothies and Slushies: Basics for Beginners

With everyone on the go each day, how can you ever find the time to eat well? And how can you ever convince the children that fruits and vegetables are good for them, let alone […]

Get ready for the holidays with Make and Freeze Meals

Make and Freeze Recipes-Eternal Spiral Books

The holiday season is fast approaching, when the colder weather is going to make everyone eager for hot, filling meals. Then there is all the entertaining you will have to do, for parties, potlucks and […]

Giving and Getting Reviews to Grow Your Business, Part 2

In the first part of this series, we discussed the elements that go into creating a good review, Name of the item The author or creator of the item, if known Details on where to […]

Even More Make and Freeze Recipes

**You asked for even more great freezer tips and recipes, you’ve got it! ** Continuing on from their previous two guides on Make and Freeze recipes, this guide can help you save even more time […]

Spa Secrets-Luxury without the high price tag

There are many ways to take care of your skin and pamper yourself without having to go to a spa and spend a small fortune. In fact, you probably already have many ingredients for making […]