Take Control of Your Cholesterol

Discover what your cholesterol numbers mean, and how you can lower your cholesterol naturally.

Depression now the #2 cause of disability in the world

A study published this week puts depression as the #2 cause of disability in the world now, after vision and hearing problems. Depression can occur in people as young as 3. It is the cause […]

Childhood Obesity Risks

Obesity is not a concern only for adults in United States. It is now becoming an increasingly alarming health concern for children. What was once considered a bit of baby fat can now be perceived […]

Dealing with Childhood Obesity, Part 1

According to the Centers for Disease Control, (CDC) over one-third of children can be considered  overweight or obese. The American lifestyle is certain prosperous compared with that of many other developing nations, but it is […]

Childhood Obesity and How To Combat It, Part 2

If we want to raise a new generation of healthy children, now is the time to take action. The facts are stark: the health problems that begin to manifest themselves due to being overweight include […]

Eating Right for Weight Control 3

Factors That Cannot Be Changed Although these factors are beyond your control, their impact on your weight can be modified by changing your diet, and increasing your level of physical activity. Being vigilant about what […]

Yoga and Metabolic Syndrome

We have discussed in other articles how yoga can be beneficial for boosting metabolism. It can also help with a condition known as metabolic syndrome. What is Metabolic Syndrome? It is a cluster of symptoms […]